spring break intensive

Spring Break Intensives

Little Mountain Learning Academy has put together a variety of week-long, 3-hour intensive programs designed to meet your child’s needs, and help them improve English language skills – reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary, and grammar.

Our 2018 Spring Break Intensive Program Offerings are:

English Grade 12 Provincial Prep Bootcamp (2-week)

The Grade 12  BC provincial exam is challenging as it requires students to not only read multiple texts but to deconstruct them and discuss literary elements. The test requires an extensive understanding of core English Language Arts terms and requirements. Learning how to successfully work within rigorous time constraints and to successfully write about the given texts is the goal of the grade twelve Provincial Preparation course.

Learning Objectives:

To become familiar with

  • • the language of the exam
  • • the sections of the exam
  • • the timeframes of the exam
  • • the overall structure of the exam

To practice

  • • reading exam style texts
  • • comprehension questions
  • • using literary devices to discuss texts
  • • the writing formats
  • • meeting time constraints

Intensive Academic Writing Camp

The Academic Writing program has been designed for students (non-ESL) who wish to learn, and to polish their writing skills. This class explores academic writing formats including exposition, narration, description, and persuasion. Students will leave the program with a deeper appreciation of the craft of writing.

Learning to Read (Kindergarten – Grade 2)

The Learning to Read program has been designed for early readers. Students will learn and/or practice major phonics rules, and read a variety of story books associated with the phonics conventions. The students will work through one mini-book a day that the students keep to add to their ever expanding library. The main objective of the program is to cultivate a love for reading.

English Immersion Level 1 & 2

Level 1: Beginner ESL | Level 2: Intermediate to Advanced ESL

The English Immersion programs have been designed with the understanding that students learn best within immersion environments; rather, than level adjusted ESL classes. Within the immersion environment, the students are invited to participate in age and grade appropriate tasks despite their English Language Learning level. 


In English Immersion Level 1, students will work on a project called “THE MULTI-GENRE BIOGRAPHY.” In this project, students select a mentor/idol and write a biography, but instead of it being a standard biography, the students learn how to write letters, interviews, newspapers, interior monologues, diaries, make collages and other creative pieces to produce one large scaled project. Each day, students will learn a new writing format. The project concludes with a presentation.


In English Immersion Level 2, students will learn the four modes of discourse, including exposition, narration, description, argument/persuasion. Literary devices will be introduced. Student will learn to deconstruct and analyze a variety of texts to build critical thinking and writing skills.


By the end of this program, students will complete a portfolio with 4-5 essays. This rigorous learning environment cultivates higher engagement, and allows students to practise and to develop the English Language Arts skills necessary within their primary and secondary schools.


Please download our Spring Break Intensive Brochure below for further details about our program description and pricing information.

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