Programs for PreK - Grade 3

For PreK – Grade 3 students, we have developed 3 specialized Early Literacy Programs to help students develop a strong phonics foundation and get a head start on acquiring early reading and writing skills.

Programs for Grade 4 - Grade 7

Students from grades 4 to 7 are placed within the ESL Stream or the Academic Enrichment Stream. The ESL Stream aims at moving students out of ESL. The Academic Enrichment Stream cultivates opportunities for student to master their English Language Arts skills.

Programs for Grade 8 - Grade 12

For students in Grade 8 – Grade 12, depending on their level of language proficiency, we have designed 3 Core English Programs to help students develop skills necessary to meet success in North American post-secondary institution.

Little Mountain Discovery Program - Registration is Now Open

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Little Mountain Learning Academy's newly developed LM Discovery Program is a 3-week immersive, hands-on experience designed to inspire youth to become engaged community members. Students will explore Vancouver and the surrounding area by foot, bike, boat, and transit, and connect with local community experts from diverse backgrounds, developing a deeper sense of what community is and its importance for sustainability.

Summer Intensive Programs

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Little Mountain Learning Academy offers Summer Intensive Programs at kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school levels. Summer is the ideal time for students to hone their English Language Arts skills. With a daily, rigorous, three-hour to five-hour program, students will immerse themselves in English literacy.

2019 UBC Summer Cultural Camp

Expand Your Child's Horizon

Our UBC Cultural Summer Camp has been a student-centred special program for the past 10 years to meet students' needs. Students will be immersed in an English-only learning environment to further advance their language skills and build confidence. We have also incorporated a variety of excursions to give students an opportunity to see what Vancouver has to offer.


How has Little Mountain changed your child?

Let’s hear what our parents have to say about their child’s experience here!

"Little Mountain Learning Academy helps Lucy gain confidence in her school and communicate with local students and teachers way better than before. This after-school class also helps her build up the habit of writing journals everyday." - Qin Qin

"As a newcomer to Vancouver, Christina's English level has become an obstacle for her to improve all academic skills at school despite having academic success in China. After studying in Little Mountain Learning Academy, she has become active in her daily life." - Jasmine

Registration Process

Step 1
Schedule an Assessment
Step 2
Assessment & Post-assessment Consultation
Step 3
Program Registration

Our LMLA Difference

What makes Little Mountain Learning Academy different?

Transformative Learning, Real-World Achievement
Little Mountain Learning Academy cares about the holistic success of each student. Moving beyond memorization and recall, with the creative and effective delivery of in-house curriculum, Little Mountain delivers literacy based lessons that allow students to explore their own learning strengths. We cultivate happy, engaged, motivated, and invested students with integrity and vision.

We are the exclusive curriculum developer for smrt Kids and smrt Youth. The courses are now fully complete and deployment of the program in many schools has begun. We have also incorporated the International Baccalaureate-inspired "Design Cycle" across all our programs to facilitate Project-Based Learning.

Our Professional Education Team

Led by Academic Director Mr. Gareth Randall
Little Mountain Learning Academy takes great pride in supporting highly qualified, and experienced teachers. Our dedicated teachers bring with them vast and varied knowledge and expertise. The teacher's individual passions for education brings much vibrancy and specialization to the classroom. You can trust Little Mountain teachers to challenge and guide your child appropriately. Staff evaluation is ongoing, and there are plenty of resources for best teaching practices.

Our Facility

Our Sister School in China

The East is Calling - Message from the Owner
Little Mountain Learning Academy is making a big move; we are opening the first Little Mountain Education Academy in summer 2018 in Jilin province in China. Our focus in Asia will not change from how we operate in Canada in the sense that we will continue to put the interests of students first. We will remain focused on a holistic approach to education which supports children to evolve their creative capacities not just learn English.

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