~ Core Programs ~

Early Literacy Program

The Early Literacy Program focuses on phonics acquisition, literacy acquisition, growth, and early development for students from pre-k to grade 2.

ESL Program

The ESL Program has been designed to help English Language Learners transition into mainstream classes quicker with greater ease and confidence.

Academic Enrichment

The Academic Enrichment Program has been designed for students who have demonstrated proficiency in English and want to advance their English language skills and other academic skills further through project-based learning.

~Specialty Programs ~

Accent Reduction Program

The Accent Reduction Program has been designed for students who demonstrate strong English reading and writing skills but struggle with distinguishing Canadian English sounds.

University Prep Program

The University Prep Program has been designed to meet the needs of those students who wish to become familiar with the study methods, writing formats, reading skills, and overall skills necessary to meet success in university.

Innovators Program

The Innovators Program has been designed to deliver STEAM education to students who are looking for opportunities to develop their science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills.

Math Program

The Math Program has been designed for students to meet and exceed the BC Provincial Learning Outcomes within the subject.

~ LMLA Difference ~

"Transformative Learning, Real-World Achievement"

How we help students succeed?

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~ LMLA Education Team ~

Little Mountain Learning Academy takes great pride in supporting highly qualified, and experienced teachers. Our dedicated teachers bring with them vast and varied knowledge and expertise. The teacher’s individual passions for education brings much vibrancy and specialization to the classroom.

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