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  • Why is English so hard to learn

    Why is English so hard to learn?

    English is one of the hardest languages to learn. This is a commonly held belief among many language learners. While English undoubtedly holds its unique challenges, it is actually not the most complicated world language. Many other languages are in fact much more complex grammatically, phonetically, and morphologically in comparison to English. So why all …

  • Decode Provincial Exam

    Decoding the Provincial Exam

    The word “Provincial Exam” can invoke feelings of dread, fear, and even panic for many students. However, this formidable task does not have to bring unease or trepidation. With the right tools, knowledge, and understanding of what to expect, students can feel confident and prepared to decode B.C’s provincial exam. The first and most important …

  • preschool

    How to choose the right preschool? [Part 2]

    Following our previous blog post about how to choose the right preschool for your child, we will talk about 2 other areas you need to consider and do while picking the most suitable preschool for your child. Materials, Methodology, and Curriculum The second item to pay attention to when choosing the right preschool for your …

  • how to choose preschool

    How to choose the right preschool? [Part 1]

    Choosing the right preschool for your child can be the biggest headache a parent can have.  With the sea of options which exist, matching your child’s needs with the offerings of each preschool can be a challenge. To choose the right preschool, the best approach is to consider as many aspects as possible in three …

  • etiquette manners

    Etiquette, Manners, and Self-Regulation

    What is etiquette? Etiquette is how people act socially using appropriate manners and behaving respectfully. Etiquette is deeper than learning to say please and thank you, or wait your turn. Etiquette requires a few basic skills: social responsibility, communication skills, and responding to situations appropriately. These three skills come with maturity, self-awareness and awareness of …

  • Daycare

    What is Missing in Daycare?

    Many parents choose daycare for their kids because it offers a structured environment for their kids, with plenty of opportunities for socialization.   A good daycare environment can help support children’s learning when facilitated by a skilled ECE (Early Childhood Education) professional, who understands the developmental and educational needs of a young child.  At the …