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  • kindergarten readiness skills

    Kindergarten Readiness Skills

    There are many skills a child should have before walking through the door to their first day of school. The good news is that most of these are acquired through a natural learning process! Through playing with others and interacting with their environment, your child is paving their own way to Kindergarten success. Below is …

  • kindergarten readiness

    What is Kindergarten Readiness

    No single factor determines whether a child is ready to start kindergarten. Here’s how to tell if your child is mature enough physically, socially, and cognitively. By the time children are 5, which is the usual kindergarten age, they should have certain Kindergarten-Readiness skills. However, no two 5-year-olds are alike in their interests, ways of …

  • leadership

    Leadership and Teamwork

    A leader who is interested in performance outcomes that have to do with job satisfaction, good work environment, and productive collaborations will seek to be the kind of leader that fosters a culture of teamwork. Yet it is not always easy to balance leadership with skills in teamwork. The traditional approach to leadership relies heavily …

  • communication skills in times of conflict

    Communication Skills During Times of Conflict

    As we discussed in our January blog, good communication skills are critical to build collaboration skills. Clear communication is harder to achieve in moments of conflict, however, and so below are some techniques for communicating during times of conflict, disagreement, and difference. Giving Feedback There are times which call for feedback or criticism, and many …

  • teamwork

    Importance of Teamwork and Collaboration Skills

    Teamwork and collaboration are two hot topics in the field of education and the workforce. The two concepts are slightly different: teamwork is people working together for a common goal, and collaboration is people with slightly different goals working together for a win-win. People are beginning to see how an employee with teamwork and collaboration …

  • EQ, parenting

    Fostering EQ in Young Learners

    Social media and internet technology have brought about lasting changes in the way that people express themselves, gain information about each other and the world, collaborate, and learn.  Our rapidly changing culture has become somewhat bipolar, with onscreen self differing dramatically from offscreen self.  Although people are becoming very good at new technologies, some people …