Foundation Program

Academic Reading & Writing

There are 3 levels of our Integrated Novel Study – Academic Reading and Writing Foundation Program, titled “Deer”. Throughout all levels, students will participate in engaging reading, writing and speaking curricula. The Academic Reading and Writing Foundation contains two sections – Reading, and Fundamentals of Writing and Presentation.


In Reading, students will alternate between literary analysis of renowned fiction pieces across a variety of genres, and nonfiction books covering a range of history and science topics.


In Fundamentals of Writing and Presentation, students will first learn how to craft a strong paragraph, then how to extend their writing to create well-written essays. They will also present these essays as oral presentations, enabling them to practice spoken confidence and fluency.


Together, these two branches of learning enable students to gain a well-rounded Language Arts education. By the end of this program, students will become independent critical thinkers with a strong awareness of social justice and world issues. Studying in this program results in students with the skills and confidence to leap forward and approach learning objectives head on.


Learning Objectives

Hone Academic Writing Skills


Practice self-editing skills

Learn to write various forms of essays

Learn to craft a well-written paragraph

Enrich Knowledge Base


Develop awareness of global issues

Explore a large vocabulary from a wide range of topics

Expand their knowledge of history and science

Hone Critical Thinking Skills


Develop literary analysis skills

Learn to confidently express themselves both verbally and in writing

Build spoken fluency and confidence in presentation

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Student Projects

At Little Mountain Learning Academy, we utilize the “Design Cycle” as a learning process to facilitate the development of cross-curricular intelligences. Through this holistic educational approach, students will be able to identify a real-world problem, apply what they have learnt to solve the problem, and finally re-evaluate the solution they came up with.

About Assessment


Assessment is the very first step for all Little Mountain students to ensure students are placed into the right class. This comprehensive assessment will give parents a complete picture of where their child’s current level is at. Our regular one-hour assessment is $90.00. An age-appropriate version of our assessment ($40.00) is used for younger children. The full assessment fee is refundable upon program registration.

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