university prep program

University Prep Program

Students may face different challenges while they are transitioning from high school to university.


Little Mountain Learning Academy ‘s University Prep Program (UP) has been designed to meet the needs of those students who wish to become familiar with the study methods, writing formats, reading skills, and overall skills necessary to meet success in university.


This 10-month university preparation program has been designed to help students achieve academic, social, and emotional success at the university level. The course is available for both ESL and Academic Enrichment levels, and covers three modules:

Study Skills & Successful Goal Setting Strategies


Students will learn essential skills and strategies to succeed at university.

Students will learn skills and strategies to improve vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Students will learn about goal setting, time management, homework habits.

Students will learn effective note-taking/ annotation strategies. Students will learn effective test-taking strategies.

Integrated Academic Reading & Writing


Students will develop multiple literacies.

Students will learn skills and strategies to improve academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Students will learn how to correctly use citations, quotes, and paraphrases in academic writing.

Capstone Project & Interview Preparation


Students will learn about successful pair/ group work and conflict resolution

Students will learn how to apply critical thinking skills to their work

Students will learn how to gather information for a portfolio and academic research essay

Students will learn how to present their findings and defend their work in an interview

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Assessment is the very first step for all Little Mountain students to ensure students are placed into the right class. This comprehensive assessment will give parents a complete picture of where their child’s current level is at. Our regular 1-hour assessment and consulting session is $90.00. The full assessment fee is refundable upon program registration.

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