Little Mountain Learning Academy cares about the holistic success of each student. Moving beyond memorization and recall with the creative and effective delivery of in-house curriculum, technology and multimedia, Little Mountain delivers literacy based lessons that allow students to explore their own learning strengths. Little Mountain Learning Academy cultivates happy, engaged, motivated, and invested students with integrity and vision.

How does Little Mountain help students achieve success?

Little Mountain has a great selection of programs, which include: academic enrichment, early literacy and ESL/ELL to accommodate your child. We also offer English classes for parents, so the whole family can feel at home at Little Mountain. All classes have trusted curriculum, are dynamic programs students love, with small sizes, fluent native speakers, and a good connection to school benchmarks and exams, making the content relevant for students trying to get out of ESL or achieve success in VSB schools.

Little Mountain hires top instructors. Many are BC certified teachers, or have Masters’ in Education.  Many are English majors, and all are fluent in English.  Each teacher is encouraged to use their unique gifts to enrich the Little Mountain programs, life of the school, and future of the company. Teachers are assets that each contribute to value at Little Mountain, and are treated as specialists.  You can trust Little Mountain teachers to challenge and guide your child appropriately. Staff evaluation is ongoing, and there are plenty of resources for best teaching practices.

Little Mountain utilizes the best practices and methods based on research for ESL/ELL acquisition and school success. The curriculum is holistic, meaning it uses a combination of methods to help students learn: experiential learning, goal-setting, cooperative learning, feedback and assessment, critical thinking tasks, understandable input, thematic instruction, technology, and strategies for vocabulary development. The programs are constantly improving to meet the needs of students. A combination of curriculum which is constantly improving with feedback, and ethical business practices means that there is transparency and accountability at every level of Little Mountain academy.

Little Mountain has a gorgeous learning environment. Staff and teachers are friendly and inviting,  the natural light flows into the spacious classrooms and library lounge area, and brightly coloured walls encourage creativity. In addition, English only policy, anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies are all in place.

Little Mountain is accessible to parents. There are translators and counsellors available to talk in 3 languages. From informational nights to assessments to daily chats, LMLA strives to keep parents connected. Many parents study alongside their children and share homework together. LMLA staff translate all communication, and excellent front desk staff go out of their way to provide the best experience for students and their families. The staff is trained in cross cultural communication, and have learned to understand the expectations of our international clientele.

How has Little Mountain Learning Academy changed your child?