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Academic Enrichment

Little Mountain Learning Academy’s Academic Enrichment Programs have been designed for students who demonstrate proficiency in English communication and literacy skills. These students will pursue extra academic activities to ensure they are constantly challenged and engaged in learning.


For students in grade 1 to grade 4, the Academic Enrichment Program titled “Hare” has been designed to help students explore deeper learning and build critical thinking skills while continuing to hone the students’ English skills in all aspects.

For students in grade 3 to grade 12, the Academic Enrichment Program titled “Deer” has been designed for students to become more involved in project-based and student-driven learning. These students will also expand their knowledge in history and science and develop awareness of global issues.

Our most advanced Academic Enrichment Program titled Rooster has been designed for students (from grade 5 and up) who are working above grade level and striving to accelerate their writing, reading, speaking and critical thinking skills. These students will also become confident and fluent at writing across a variety of essay types.