Our LMLA Teachers

  • Jacqueline Stewart
    Jacqueline Stewart Academic Director | Teacher

    Jacqueline Stewart graduated from McGill University with a B.Ed in Secondary English and Moral Education. Jacqueline is a Quebec and B.C. Certified teacher with eight years of high school teaching experience. She is also an International Baccalaureate certified teacher in Technology and English.

    Jacqueline has given English Workshops to out of province teachers for the International Baccalaureate Organization and has also worked as a keynote speaker at workshops to share good teaching strategies and to inspire fellow professionals. As a senior English Language Arts teacher, Jacqueline created lesson plans, enrichment, and assessment and evaluation methods at the school, board, provincial and world levels.

    She has single handedly built and designed courses offered at the high school level such as I.B. Technology and Drama, Public Speaking and Debate. Jacqueline has always played a leading role in curriculum design, tutoring and educational success plans as she believes that schools must move beyond memorization and recall teaching and techniques and create courses with learning objectives that allow students to realize their full potential. Jacqueline has a strong belief in holistic education and aims at creating a safe learning environment that allows each student to work on their individual successes and become lifelong learners.

  • Jamey Braden
    Jamey Braden Teacher

    Jamey grew up south of the border in Washington state where she developed an abiding love for learning, language, and visual art. She pursued a degree in art at Western Washington University, and later studied media and graphic design.

    Jamey came to Vancouver to earn a Master in Fine Arts degree at the University of British Columbia where she studied visual art, art history, and philosophy. She caught the teaching bug as a teaching assistant for undergraduate university students and sought additional training through UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology.

    Since living in Vancouver, she’s gained further educational experience teaching art and ESL to school age children from all around the world.  Her well-rounded skills, warm personality, and broad interests enable her to connect with a diverse audience.

    Deep engagement with the arts has given Jamey a profound respect for the power of creativity to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-esteem. She attempts to inspire and re-awaken creativity in her students to empower their own learning process and create an active learning environment.

  • Emmanuel Thillaiampalam
    Emmanuel Thillaiampalam Teacher

    English, being his first language, Emmanuel discovered literature to be an accessible vehicle for learning about various people and places. Comparative literature has, and continues to be, a useful tool in his teaching arsenal.

    While studying at the University of British Columbia, Emmanuel worked as a community support provider for teenagers and adults with learning and developmental disabilities. This experience has given him insight into various learning styles, and he is always willing to learn new techniques in order to make literature and language more accessible to a wider range of learners. After completing a B.A. in English Literature, Emmanuel taught ESL to elementary, middle, and high school students in Japan.

    Emmanuel believes that learning is an endless pursuit, taking individuals on intersecting and diverging routes. As a teacher, Emmanuel relishes the opportunity to facilitate the development of innovative ideas to modern concerns.

  • Paul Treschow
    Paul Treschow Teacher

    Paul grew up in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in Kelowna, BC. From an early age, he came to appreciate literature and story as an important way of understanding oneself and the world.

    This led him to pursue an English Literature degree at UBC Vancouver. While there, he also developed an interest in Greek and Latin language and literature and thus ended up completing a Double Major in English Literature and Classical Studies. Paul also spent this time working with young people in both camping and aquatic environments.

    Paul appreciates language both as a communicative tool and an art form. He loves seeing people get passionate about literature and the new ideas and stories it can communicate through the beauty of language. Fostering a love for language and literature in his students is what he believes to be his central task as a teacher.

  • Gareth Randall
    Gareth Randall Teacher

    Gareth grew up in the diverse, multicultural city of London, England where he taught for over 5 years after completing his BA in History. He has worked with a wide range of young people, both in the United Kingdom and in Vancouver, the city he now calls home.

    Prior to relocating to Canada, he was head of maths and part of the leadership team of his school in London. There, he taught children who have English as an additional language, particularly enjoying the use of technology, practical activities and engaging literature to inspire lifelong learning.

    Gareth is passionate about enabling children to become the best they can be. He believes that his role is to enable students to become independent, informed and able to share their knowledge and ideas with the world.

  • Taylor Marshall
    Taylor Marshall Teacher

    Taylor grew up in the heart of Canada, in the vast prairies and open skies of Saskatchewan.  Despite her central location in Canada, Taylor has always had a passion and interest in other languages, cultures and countries.

    These interests led Taylor to complete a Bachelor of Spanish from the University of Regina and to go on to travel to more than 18 countries around the world, as well as live, study and teach English in Uruguay. During her time abroad, Taylor had the opportunity to work with young students with visual disabilities as well as other diverse learning needs.

    Beyond her international teaching experience, Taylor has had further rewarding experiences with her time at the University of Regina, where she served as an ESL Coach and Education Program Coordinator at their Global Learning Centre.

    Creating a safe and engaging space for her learners as well as celebrating diversity in learning styles are two focal points that greatly shape Taylor’s teaching practice. She hopes to inspire genuine enthusiasm and a sense of fun for her students that she herself has experienced in second language learning.

  • Vika
    Vika Frary Teacher

    Vika spent her childhood in tropical Fiji and not-so-tropical Scotland, and also lived in England and Japan before immigrating to Canada. Her experiences living overseas and learning other languages gives her insight into the cultural and linguistic realities faced by her students.

    After graduating from the University of York in the UK, she spent 14 years in the Tokyo area teaching all ages from toddlers to seniors. Vika is a big believer in active learning, and she strives to create an atmosphere full of energy and positivity in her classroom. She specializes in teaching beginners and younger students, where her bubbly personality is especially effective.

  • Sandra Tsang
    Sandra Tsang Teacher

    Sandra Tsang was born and raised in Canada. Her interest in human behaviour led her to the University of British Columbia, where she earned her B.A. in Sociology and Psychology. Having studied human behaviour and interaction, she understands the important role language plays in understanding a new social and cultural environment. Sandra has dedicatedly volunteered her time to teach new learners of English due to her firm belief that language and culture are strongly connected.

    Sandra has worked with many students in the past, including those with diverse abilities and needs. She also has experience in teaching and facilitating conversational English with International students. For Sandra, the best part about teaching is sparking curiosity in students and helping them achieve their personal goals.

  • tawnie
    Tawnie Chambers Teacher

    Tawnie was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and has always had a passion for language. She graduated from UBC with a B.A. in English with a language specialization. She has also studied four additional languages, including Old English and Latin, both of which enrich one’s understanding of Modern English. As someone who loves to study new languages, she understands what it’s like to be a language learner from a beginner to an advanced level, and she hopes to inspire others to love and enjoy the process as well.

  • Our Staff

  • Ryan
    Ryan Tierney Managing Director | Owner

    Ryan Tierney has been an international educator for over 20 years. He has taught in a variety of environments from teaching children through adults. He has taught management and leadership to corporate executives and worked as a software trainer in Silicon Valley.

    Ryan is an Erickson certified coach and is passionate about supporting a coaching culture in children’s education. Ryan is deeply appreciative of all the amazing staff and teachers that bring innovative and motivational lessons to students attending Little Mountain.

    Ryan has a B.A. from UBC, a TESOL teaching certificate and two post-graduate diplomas in Information Technology and Asian Studies. Ryan also has an MBA.

    He is a passionate sailor. In 2016 he crewed in two international yacht races winning the Swiftsure and placing 3rd in the Vancouver Island 360 (a 2 week sailing race around the entirety of Vancouver Island).

  • Kyounghye
    Kyoung Hye Han Korean Counsellor

    Kyounghye majored in English Literature at Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea.  With a natural born affection toward people, she fell in love with tutoring children in English. For many years she had wonderful relationship with parents in Korea while tutoring their children. While her tutoring career was building, she felt that she needed to gain a broader experience. With this in mind she left Seoul for the Big Apple. Studying and working in New York, she thought about professional career she loves to do and decided to come to Korea and opened Little Mountain Homeschool in partnership with LMLA here in Vancouver.

    This partnership saw Kyounghye bring students to Vancouver each summer to attend the LMLA summer camps. Since LMLA’s foundation in 2004 she had been in charge of guiding summer campers from Korea and managing them in the UBC dormitory throughout the 4 weeks of summer camps. For over a decade, Kyounghye had many precious experiences sharing in fantastic memories with children and building up amazing trust with their parents.

    Since moving to Vancouver, she has been having her third premium time as a counsellor in Little Mountain Learning Academy. She loves meeting parents and kids up close and personal and feels so natural in her role and thoroughly enjoys her job. She also feels very affectionate to give people help from her experiences.

    You can experience her warmth and see her big smile at Little Mountain.

  • Kang Bi
    Kang Bi Admissions Director

    Kang graduated from Beijing JiaoTong University with a Master’s in Logistics management, department of economics and a certificate in teaching Chinese as a second language from Beijing Language and Culture University.

    Kang spent 4 years teaching Chinese in the department of Chinese studies, Kangwon National University, South Korea before moving to Vancouver with her husband, who is a PH.D student in UBC, and her two daughters.

    As Little Mountain Learning Academy’s Admissions Director, Kang is dedicated to giving warm and professional counselling services to all of our students and their parents – helping them to achieve their goals.

  • Jolly Lei
    Jolly Lei Administrative Assistant

    Jolly Lei, graduated from Trinity Western University with a B.A. in Leadership. She has also completed a Diploma in Business English in Mainland China. Studying abroad enables Jolly to understand the difficulties and struggles that students encounter while they are learning English and adapting to the local culture. Jolly is passionate about helping students at Little Mountain Learning Academy to learn English efficiently by sharing her productive learning background and experience.